You don’t have to do any research to know there are thousands of Virtual Assistants, serving thousands of businesses in the world.

Thousands and thousands. Some Virtual Assistants are amazing, some not so much – so how do you stand out from the crowd and be seen and heard? How can you show people that you’re one of the better kind?

Many would say saturate the market with content.

Content content content – after all the saying goes “content is king” and to a degree they are correct!

But I believe there is a key element that many coaches are missing in their strategy and this is it.

Specificity + Congruency + Content = Fame

So, let’s break this equation down and explore it further.


When you be specific in what you want to be known for and exactly WHOM it is that needs your help your fame grows. It’s ridiculously important when trying to stand out from the crowd for you to be unique and specific.

With the amount of noise that VAs make in the online space – everyone starts to sound a little too similar. A little vanilla.

Commonly used words such as:

“save time”

and a whole myriad of other Virtual Assistant heavy jargon start to make everyone seem dull. Blended all as one.

Therefore, being specific on exactly what you want to be known for (i.e. niche) and whom you’re going to help (i.e. your target market) allows you to excel in one kind of service.

For example – let’s explore Target vs Apple.

One superstore sells everything under the sun cheap to everyone the other concentrates on one range of product for one very specific kind of buyer.

Now sure if you had the visibility of Target, your blandness can be rectified by sheer size, but because you don’t – we must concentrate on creating uniqueness via specificity.

Which leads me to the next part of the equation.


I cannot tell you HOW many times I meet a Virtual Assistant who wants to help someone in a specific field, that they have NO experience in. Of offer a service they have never done. Themselves personally OR for others.

They don’t truly know what the pain is.
They don’t truly know deep down the common struggles.

This is crazy! How can you intimately share your own story (or your client successes) to build trust when you have no relatable story to share?

If you feel like you’re getting lost in a sea of Virtual Assistants, take the time to sit down and think about your own personal story and how you can leverage that journey to help someone fast track to freedom and success.

For example, if you want to specialise in helping wellness coaches, then you must have a passion and some kind of experience in that industry (or a service that that industry needs).
Helping businesses build six figure businesses with Infusionsoft? Then you must have done it before.
Want to help women get their books under control? Then you must have done it yourself or have a ton of client experience.

It’s a non-negotiable in my eyes.


With a very clear identity of yourself and your target clients (specificity) and a relatable story (congruency) one can then concentrate on the content saturation strategy that others suggest.

Where you can repurpose your videos into blogs and Facebook content.

Where you can create inspirational quote images that get shared on Instagram and printed
and handed out at networking events.

Where you can pin and tweet your podcasts then converting them into LinkedIn articles.

How Does The Formula Relate to Content?

Simple, it defines and determines the kind of content you share! It ensures that it speaks to one kind of person with one kind of problem.

Taking you from being a generic VA into a highly specialised individual with very specific problem solving valuable information that your target client will readily absorb and be hungry for more!

So, Virtual Assistants, before you do your next round of blogs and vlogs – be sure to have extreme clarity around your identity and those that you’re going to help transform.

If you need help coming up with ideas, let me know 🙂