[aw-suh m  gosuh p]

Verb: Talking about the cool stuff someone has done…..

I just wanted to THANK YOU for this mentoring call. You blew my mind. I am going to take it all in, I am sure I will not get much sleep, but with good reason!


Virtual Assistant, USA

I was searching for a mentor that I could really connect with when I came across Donna and her 100KVA program, and I am so happy I did!

I was working fulltime and running my biz on the side, she helped me up level my pricing and packages and helped me get my shit together.

After 3 months with Donna, I quit my fulltime job to go fulltime in my biz and celebrated having my first 10k month!! I highly recommend working with Donna, you have to do the work as she can’t do that for you (it’s not easy or for everyone), but she will keep you on track and kicking goals!

Thanks so much Donna for all your help, I love having you in my corner! Can’t wait to finally meet you in person when you come to the GC

xx Alethea

Alethea Tuitahi


Donna has assisted me on a number of occasions trouble shooting problems and sharing her knowledge, experience and expertise. She genuinely cares about people and wants them to succeed in business. When I have asked Donna for advice she has been more than happy to share her wisdom and ideas as i have seen her done in online forums we are part of. She helped me to understand what i need to focus on, prepare for and follow up on. Donna really knows her stuff and her work and ethics are professional always delivered with a smile. An inspiring woman I have no hesitation in recommending and working with.


Leave It With me, Victoria, Australia

The VA Jump Start Workshop changed my life! After years in the corporate world and tired of living by everyone else’s rules, the VA workshop made me realise that I can be my own boss again and work within my own rules and hours.

Thanks Donna for giving me the freedom to choose how I want to work and when!

Dorothy Andriotis-Velitzelos

Victoria, Australia

Donna!! I think of you often. My business is expanding faster than I can imagine. I seriously just went to the local shops to get a coffee and came back with another 20 hour job. This is in addition to the other 2 jobs that I’d being contacted about in the last 2 weeks.
I was going to spend this long weekend working ON my business, rather I am spending IN my business!
Anyway, just wanted to say you are awesome 🙂


The workshop was excellent. Donna you are a gun, no wonder you are the work from home queen!!

Paula Hayes

Victoria, Australia

I have been working as a Virtual Assistant for the past six years on a casual basis whilst my children were young. I’ve always followed Donna keeping up to date with her success and social media presence which has encouraged me along the way. I finally have more time to invest in growing my virtual business so I booked in my first mentor session with Donna and I was so impressed by her down to earth nature, it was so easy to talk with her! Through our discussions we came across some issues that I needed to address and she provided me great insight. Donna has such a wonderful energy about her and I highly recommend her as a mentor to any existing or new VA.


Health Care Medical Transcription, Australia

Starting my own full time virtual assistant business, I was faced with managing my own marketing and building my own networks from the start. Joining the Preferred Partner Program was the best decision I made – I can now concentrate on getting my business foundations in place, whilst leads are sent through to me on a constant basis. Marketing is one headache removed.

Karli Slavik

Victoria, Australia

What can I say, Donna is amazing. She’s passionate about helping people and you can really feel that when you work with her.

I had the pleasure of doing my very first 100k VA session with Donna recently and she really put things into perspective for me. She knows her stuff! She helped put my mind in the right direction and made me feel IN CHARGE of MY business, just as it should be. In just an hour, I received so many great tips and things to think about that right after our session (even though it was 9pm my time!) I just couldn’t wait to implement some of them right away! I took to the drawing board and worked on my website and packages!

I’m on the right path to success and it’s because of Donna’s passion to share her expertise and leadership with me. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me in future sessions…..a day later I got my first package client! I had the confidence to sell it to her AND she said “Oh my gosh, I wish I had you months ago, I’ve missed you and I didn’t even know you!


Virtual Assistant, USA