Heidi was awake for basically 12 hours yesterday….8am to 8pm and I spent nearly the whole day trying to get her to sleep!

As each hour went past it got harder and harder (even though she was so fricken tired!) and she was more and more grizzly. She would have bouts of drowsiness and then bursts of OMG THE WORLD IS AMAZING..head bobbing around looking at everything.

A very very big part of me wanted to sign out for the day and let someone else deal with trying to put her down. Especially at night when she was uber cranky.

Okay I’m done – someone else deal with this issue 😉

BUT I didn’t do anything but kept persevering! Why? Well I don’t have a choice. I can’t ignore her. She is my responsibility, I love her and she needs me.

Imagine if failure wasn’t a choice in your business……


If you are on the edge of giving in – send me a message and I will see if I can help 🙂


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