Creating packages is easy. Once you get the hang of it its quick and easy to do.
Creating packages that a scalable are a little more tricky.

This is because most Virtual Assistants create a custom package per client.

Yes this will mean that your profit margin per client is higher (which is awesome) but and you have stepped away from hourly rates (even better!) BUT you will hit a wall when you get to your work capacity.

You see packaging is not just about increased profits and being perceived as an expert – its also about leveraging your time as a Virtual Assistant and being commercially savvy.

In order to REALLY make the most of packages in your Virtual Assistant business – you need to put all clients on the same package (more or less).

Because when you do this you are able to chunk your time and therefore increase your ROI on your time for higher!

This is a overwhelming concept for most Virtual Assistants because the entire time you have been running your business in the past – the services that clients have requested have been dictated by what the client says (which makes sense).

HOWEVER in this approach you are stepping into your “expert” identity and telling them what they need. You know what they need.

I’m sure you have seen many clients fluff around doing non important things and you have probably said to yourself in the past “they need to be doing x rather than what they are currently doing”.

It’s taking that knowledge (trusting yourself) and guiding the client on how they should be investing into you.

THIS is why you MUST know what it is you want to be known for AND what you want to specialise in PLUS for which target market. Without this knowledge, the entire model fails.

When you understand exactly what a client needs (because the same type of people need the same kind of services) you can sell it easily AND therefore leverage your time far better by having people on the same package.

The only caveat to this strategy is that you don’t want people to feel like they are pushed into a box. Getting a custom package makes one feel special and we always want our clients to feel special.

So make sure that you always make your client feel special and understand how this package is going to solve their problem and meet their needs.

A past vlog about the types of questions one should ask to help design a virtual assistant package for a client might be helpful too.


Otherwise if you would like help designing a package to add to your service offering, feel free to book in some time here below.