Although I don’t like generalising people it’s safe to say that most Virtual Assistants are naturally a warm nurturing kind of professional. Someone that doesn’t need to toot their own horn every five minutes for validation.

They work hard to make their clients businesses (and lives) better and more enjoyable.

So, this blog post is going to feel a little icky to most. The concept of making your potential clients feel like they are missing out.

Guess what – it feels icky because you put a negative shroud over it.

Why would you make someone feel like they are missing out? Your mother always taught you to play nice and be friendly to everyone when you were growing up.

But what if you changed the shroud to a light. A light that showed people what they too could have in their world. A light showing what is available to them (because you have the solution).

When you make your clients feel FOMO (fear of missing out) they are more likely to be triggered to take action to stop that fear.

The action could be investing in you by buying your book, booking in for a consult, signing up to your services or subscribing to your next webinar.

That FOMO put them on a path to stop them missing out. Now not everyone is going to take enough action to get the results they desire (this is totally up to them) but luckily it isn’t your job to force that on them.

Your job to make them aware of what they COULD have. What solution is available to them.

And the only way they are going to find this out is if you show them what they are missing out on.

If you’restuggling coming up with the clear topic of what your FOMO should look like, hit me up for a Brown Paper Plan and I’ll bring out my brown paper and markers and we can design something together (either in person or via skype).