I recorded a video once about newer VAs making more money than experienced VAs….and NOT because they were better skilled at their service offering for clients – but because of other reasons.

Today I want to extend on that topic and discuss why being awesome at what you do – is simple not enough! It’s not going to be enough to get clients, make money and be successful at what you do.

How do I know this?

Simply because I have met many Virtual Assistants who are amazing at what they do (be it writing, graphic work, websites or other) BUT make nearly no money and have nearly no momentum even though they have been around for a while.

It’s actually because of these continual conversations that I have had which inspired me to record this video and write this post 🙂

So what is missing?

Verbal Communication Skills

I don’t care how amazing you’re writing is – if you can’t articulate your thoughts verbally in a concise and interesting way (ie not like a robot memorizing content) then potential clients will be wary of you. It will make them percieve you as unskilled and not a safe investment.

Marketing Skills

Simple “being open for business” is not enough. Think about it – there are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Virtual Assistants in the world – how are people going to find you if you put no effort into being found? If you don’t have a good grasp on marketing then do you research, read lots of blogs and watch videos. Start to understand how to be found by your clients so they can sign up for your amazing services!


It seems strange to accuse someone in business as not being committed. I mean who would willingly put all that effort into running a business if they didn’t care of the result? It’s crazy. BUT you would be surpised about the number of excuses one can find to jusity procrastiation on taking action. I can assure you – the more direct action you take, the more results you will get.

If you’re business is not where it’s at – where do you think you’re lacking? It’s okay to admit where your weakness lays – then you can do something about it 🙂