I’ve been a mum for 9 months now which means I have hung out with more mums than ever before! Perhaps I was not as observant as I am now (or maybe I was too self involved) but I know one thing – Mothers, Moms, Mums, Mamas what ever you get called make the WORST and the BEST Virtual Assistants.

99% of VAs are women, and given how much flexibility it offers women to work from home its not surprising that a high proportion of them are mothers.
It’s the very fact that they ARE mothers which is what makes them the worst Virtual Assistants.

These women are so used to doing everything for everyone in their family (as that’s what mothers do) that they find it extremely difficult to niche down and specialise in their business. This makes them blend into each other and really be as vanilla as can be. No matter how much energy I pour into educating the industry, how many mentoring sessions I do – becoming the expert in something specific is just a super super hard concept for them to accept and embrace. BUT when they do, wow does their business soar.

Mothers also make the worst Virtual Assistants as they are used to being in charge and in control of the little people and don’t have anyone telling them what to do (as in the buck stops with them). They are used to having to do everything no matter how unwell they feel, or how hard it is.

Why does this trait make them a bad VA? It means that they never ask for help! They never get a mentor to help them achieve their success, they don’t educate themselves, look for better solutions or invest in themselves and their business financially. They are scared to admit they need help like so many mothers are scared to admit they need help with a role that seems to come easy to others. They just figure that they will do it all of their own. This may be true but its likely WAY faster if they sourced support when they truly needed it.

Unfortunately women notoriously do not support each other instead opt for being judgemental, talking gossip and more. Many women who become mothers soon learn to not voice their honest opinions about parenting for fear of retribution. This habit then flows onto their business as they never want to rock the industry, stand out or be different. To avoid conflict and stress they become (once again) vanilla. Making decision on YOUR business based on others around is lunacy by the way.

HOWEVER, equally mothers make the best Virtual Assistants because they are MASTERS at multi tasking and prioritising. Managing a household, kids, partners and life has taught them skills that are very useful when running a business with multiple clients.

Their nurturing “mother hen” instincts to care and ease pain are loved by clients near and far and defiantly makes these lucky businesses feel like they have a traditional assistant right there next to them.

Mothers make the best Virtual Assistants because they know that the work day doesn’t end at 5pm. Things still happen after dinner – so when others are relaxing on the couch after dinner before bedtime, mothers are wrangling kids to bed squeezing in a few more chores AND delivering work to clients! Their dedication to clients and their family is hard to beat.

This is why Mothers make the WORST & and the BEST Virtual Assistants.

Comment below if you have other cool examples, and be sure to share it with your friends.


Note: this is a generalisation – I have no doubt there will be mothers who don’t fit this description. I am not saying YOU are the worst or best VA so don’t get your knickers in a knot 😉