When you realise that there are only a small group of types of tasks out there that VAs can help their clients with (eg social media, bookkeeping, writing, customer service etc) you soon begin to see its not about what you offer as a particular service but more of the solution you bring to someones world.

When you stop marketing the way you do things and start marketing the authority you have on a client desire then easier it becomes to sell packages but you see that

Everybody needs your help.

Should you market your services to everyone? No definitely not as it dilutes your efforts and results but when you understand exactly what your sales funnel looks like for your Virtual Assistant business (and the amazing benefits your services bring to your clients world) then its not about what questions you need to ask your client to create the ultimate package.

Because you have already created the ultimate package.

You just need to show them how awesome it is.

Let me know if you need help! 🙂


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