Woah am I going to get some knickers in a knot for this one or WHAT!

But I am okay with that. Because this vlogs is all about sharing my expierence. To start a conversation is to learn and to grow and that is a good thing.

There is no right or wrong answer but I know for me there is a clear feeling of what was easier. Working from home with Heidi, working in an office and putting Heidi into care OR not working in a business at all.

Many people are afraid to share what they are really thinking for fear of being verbally (or by keyboard) bashed by others.

I don’t as I have found the more I share the more I resonate with those that want to connect with me. For I have disclosed what they were thinking anyway!

So sit back and enjoy this episode of #PoopToProfit and leave me a comment on what you think 🙂