We (Virtual Assistants) can’t help but become entwined into our clients worlds.

Eventually we know when their kids birthdays are coming up or how their summer holidays have been.

We become more than just someone that they outsource to and the longer we work with someone more often than not relationship dynamics change to a point where you may not be able to point out when:

  • Their content is crap
  • The freebie on their home page is boring
  • Their product is shit

BUT that is precisely what they need to hear!

I talk about in the video above about delivering the expertise that they hired you for and this is where many Virtual Assistants start to crumble. Simple because they haven’t really begun to OWN their identity, their expertise and deep down down don’t yet believe that they are awesome at what they do.

If your kid questioned your authority on whether you should keep milk in the fridge or whether blacks should be washed with whites you would stand strong on your beliefs because of your years of experience in what you do day in and day out.

You wouldn’t falter and hesitate – but instead answer strong.

The same applies to how you work with your clients. If you are offering services that you are very experienced in (or as an authority on the subject) then you can easily identify mistakes or poor quality when you see it. Then have the balls to tell them that you (as a team) need to do better!

So next time you know that a client’s failing at a project because of an obvious error or quality issue on their part – tell them.

They deserve to know.