Sometimes it can be hard to let go of a client (in our Virtual Assistant business) that we have previously said yes to.

We said yes we would help them. That we would support them and that we would be there for them – and now you’re contemplating saying no – eek!!

But there sometimes comes a time when we must let them go.

These are my warning signs that I can use to determine whether it’s worth keeping a client or not.

  • Do I avoid their calls?
  • Do they pay their bills?
  • Do they micromanage?
  • Are their expectations unrealistic?
  • Do they refuse to comply with my non negotiable work policies/style?
  • Is their business something I am not passionate about?

BUT the biggest question you could ask yourself is would you refer your best friend or mum to them?

If your best friend was searching for the exact service that your client offers would you feel confident enough to refer you friend to them knowing that they would get great service and results?

If the answer is no, and any other factors above are showing up then perhaps it’s time to move on.

If the answer is yes then maybe it’s just a matter of grooming them 🙂

At the end of the day, for every hour you spend on your current clients you are blocking other potential people from entering your world. Therefore if they aren’t the best kind of people that light your fire and motivate you to do wonderous things then it’s not worth the effort.

Have a think about your current database and ponder whether they are the best clients you can have. Because remember – there are many many more fish in the sea 🙂


P.S – If you’re not sure what kind of client you should be aiming for shoot me an email and lets chat!