So lets expand the three points mentioned in the video above…..

Value: Most VAs underestimate the true value they bring to their clients worlds. Usually its because they look at it from their own perspective rather than from their clients perspective….sure it might take you only 5 minutes to insert that picture into an email newsletter but it could possibly take your client an hour! When you underestimate the value you bring into someones world you overlook the little things AND undercharge. There are lots of reasons tied to emotions (conscience or subconscious) that your client feels when you solve a problem for them or alleviate a stress. They will not be the same for you as you are not your target market (unless of course VAs are your clients 😉 ).  This impacts your ability to package your services as you can’t see what clients would buy. You can’t see the obvious but try and overthink it to make it sound bigger and better than it possibly needs to be.

No Target Market: When you try to service everyone, you attract no one. Your marketing appeals to no one. You simply aren’t attractive to anyone in particular because you don’t speak to their needs personally. This impacts your ability to make a package because you’re trying to create the ultimate package that works for everyone. This is impossible! Different industries use services in different ways – there is no way you can make your package appealing to everyone.  Design for your niche and target market in mind and it will be waaaay easier.

You’re A Generalist/Adhoc VA: If you have seen me talk about packaging services in the past you will know one of the key factors is repetition. In order for a recurring package (if it isn’t recurring then its a project as far as I am concerned) to work, the client needs the tasks completed on a recurring basis (for example every week or every month). Random 5min jobs here and there are not packagable. You need consistent service that occur on a regular basis. You need to become a specialist in what you offer NOT a generalist.

That’s it in a nutshell! Yes there are many other things to consider but I find this is what most VAs struggle with when they tell me they can’t package their services.

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Let me know if you have any questions.


Donna Brown