100K VA - Blueprint Access



This week we take a look at Identity in your 100KVA Do-IT-Yourself Blueprint!

How did you go with your personality testing? Was it interesting or do you know yourself very intimately already and is just solidified what you already knew 🙂

To continue this thread of self discovery, I have a ton of stuff below to help you start to THINK about the fact that you are worth WAY more money than you are probably charging yourself out at.

To start THINKING and BELIEVING that you are a $100,000 Virtual Assistant.

That includes: 

This week you also start to build your Authority Profile. I elaborate further in the worksheet but its basically setting yourself up as an expert with expert prices. If you don’t already have it, please ensure that you own your own name domain in the .com (if possible) and your own countries extension. So in Australia .com.au. What I am talking about here is www.yourname.com. Just purchase it for now, and save your logins 🙂



Your Worksheet PDF