Ultimate Book Campaigner Profitable Package Pack

Ultimate Book Campaigner

Profitable Power Pack


This month we’re going to take advantage of the popular trend of becoming a published author! I see time and time again expert (coaches and consultants) authors give up marketing their books after a couple of weeks even though they are the perfect lead generation tool to fill their sales funnel.

The cool thing about this pack is that it will likely slot into your chunking time of other social media/content creation packs that you have (good for implementing – woohoo) – its just a cool different spin on the same service to appeal to a different kind of client. Remember different people respond to different triggers…..even though the service is the same.

Your pack includes:

  • An overview of the sales funnel

  • An example unbranded freebie for you to base yours off (or add your branding to). I encourage you to make your own so it suits your businses branding and flavour 🙂

  • Example posts that you can tweak to generate interest in your busines. Use as you wish.

  • Details of the LCC

  • A summary of the possible inclusions you can have in your package. Tweak as you see fit and create something that suits your business and skills to deliver.

  • Revenue breakdown – so you can see the possible income potential!






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