Market Day Funnel Filler Profitable Package Pack

Market Day Funnel Filler

Profitable Power Pack


This month we’re going over market or pitch days in Facebook groups! That is making sure your clients are leveraging the day to fill their funnel. The intention of this activity (and package) is not about making sales but filling funnels. This is important for you to understand, so you can teach it to them (and apply it to your own business.

Your pack includes:

  • An overview of the sales funnel

  • An example unbranded freebie for you to base yours off (or add your branding to). I encourage you to make your own so it suits your businses branding and flavour 🙂

  • Example posts that you can tweak to generate interest in your busines. Use as you wish.

  • Details of the LCC

  • A summary of the possible inclusions you can have in your package. Tweak as you see fit and create something that suits your business and skills to deliver.

  • Revenue breakdown – so you can see the possible income potential!




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