100K VA - Blueprint Access


WOOHOO!! We have done so much groundwork in your business is now time to get people through your door and talking to them! Next week we talk about sales but this week lets discuss taking your community for a journey in your 100KVA Do-IT-Yourself Blueprint!

Your resources include:

  • Your worksheet
  • Your video to this module
  • As I discussed in the worksheet above, here is the Hypnotic Words list you should use when designing the names around your packages.

This is a pretty busy module with lots to learn and lots to action.

So here is a basic summary:

1. Design your sales funnel

2. Create your freebee

3. Create your LCC

4. Invite your peeps on various channels to take up your freebee offer

5. Encourage people to take up level 2 and then package (which we talk more about soon!)

Talk soon and of course, let me know if you have any questions!



Your Hypnotic Words PDF

Your Workshop PDF