100K VA - Blueprint Access


I want to help you sell your stuff this week in your 100KVA Do-IT-Yourself Blueprint.  I am not going to lie. This is probably going to be challenging as its something that most Virtual Assistants need help with…. usually VA sales skills are not up to scratch, but that’s a good thing technically.

Why? Well it will give you the competitive edge over everyone else. When you can talk the talk – you will see HOW different you are from everyone else.

Originally I was going to give you a worksheet (and I make reference to a worksheet in the video) but when I was creating it I realised that this is not the right way. I don’t want you to write your sales pitches but to speak them. 

When you can talk them out you can write them. But writing them out doesn’t mean you can say them. Does this make sense? 

So, for this week I have included your Sale video where we go over the module.

Confidence will come when you’re in the zone 100% not just living in via text behind a screen. So scrap the worksheets and instead watch the videos and do the following:

  1. Practice in front of a mirror selling your packages by pushing on your clients bruises. 
  2. Record your pitch and send it to me for review. 
  3. Ask your client what would it mean if the outsourced X to you (after you talk to them for a while).
  4. Ask them to imagine their life with you doing X
  5. Use language such as “your investment” instead of “price” or “cost” as the latter two are negative on the sub-conscience but the first one is a positive. An investment is a good long term strategy.

FINALLY the one thing I want to say is this.

A 100KVA is a proactive VA. Not a reactive one. They LOOK for work. The FIND solutions for their clients. They are the IMPLEMENTER of a bigger project – not just a general administrator.

Learn this and understand this and LIVE this and you will see the caliber of your clients increase ten fold. These new kind of clients pay good money to have people like you helping them achieve their goals.