Imagine, if you could earn $100 per hour as a Virtual Assistant


Offering the same service you’re currently offering


Working with the same kind of clients….



I  H A V E  A  Q U E S T I O N  F O R  Y O U 

Can you spare 40min?

Take This Free Masterclass and Learn A New Way To Charge Yourself

In this FREE Mini Masterclass I am going to go through the exact steps you need to take, in order to not only charge $100 per hour (or more) as a Virtual Assistant BUT also how to get clients to buy you!

Here is the thing.

It’s not a hard concept or a difficult task. But it will challenge what you have currently been doing. It’s likely going to be different and scary or exciting.

You owe it to yourself to request a copy to be emailed to you straight away.

Give yourself a chance to have an amazing business this year earning more than you would have in any traditional job.


You already have momentum going.

Let’s just tweak it so its more profitable AND your business becomes FUN again!

Let me show you how.

I was searching for a mentor that I could really connect with when I came across Donna and her 100KVA program, and I am so happy I did!

I was working fulltime and running my biz on the side, she helped me up level my pricing and packages and helped me get my shit together.

After 3 months with Donna, I quit my fulltime job to go fulltime in my biz and celebrated having my first 10k month!! I highly recommend working with Donna, you have to do the work as she can’t do that for you (it’s not easy or for everyone), but she will keep you on track and kicking goals!

Thanks so much Donna for all your help, I love having you in my corner! Can’t wait to finally meet you in person when you come to the GC

xx Alethea

Alethea Tuitahi


Donna is a mentor with integrity, a challenger and a guide, and is not afraid to confront, even if she knows it’s not what you want to hear. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone to uncover areas I didn’t even know existed, and that has been a catalyst for some big changes in my business.

She has quickly helped me cut through to the real issues, rather than allowing my own ‘justification’ for certain situations stand in my way. Donna has given me the confidence to make decisions and take action which has enabled me to reduce my workload, while maintaining a really great income.

Now she’s helping me take it to the next level. If you’re looking for someone who will dig deep to understand what makes you tick, who you are and why, and helps you grow professionally and personally based on your unique personality, then I highly recommend mentoring with Donna.

Chauntelle Rakebrandt

Leading Logic

Donna!! I think of you often. My business is expanding faster than I can imagine. I seriously just went to the local shops to get a coffee and came back with another 20 hour job. This is in addition to the other 2 jobs that I’d being contacted about in the last 2 weeks.
I was going to spend this long weekend working ON my business, rather I am spending IN my business!
Anyway, just wanted to say you are awesome !!


The workshop was excellent. Donna you are a gun, no wonder you are the work from home queen!!

Paula Hayes

Victoria, Australia

If you can commit to me 40min of your time and invest in yourself and your future, not only will I teach you HOW to increase your rates (regardless of what service you offer) BUT I will also show you how to convert an existing client!

Do you want to be like these awesome Virtual Assistants getting amazing results?

The VA Jump Start Workshop changed my life! After years in the corporate world and tired of living by everyone else’s rules, the VA workshop made me realise that I can be my own boss again and work within my own rules and hours.

Thanks Donna for giving me the freedom to choose how I want to work and when!

Dorothy Andriotis-Velitzelos

Victoria, Australia

“I just wanted to THANK YOU for this mentoring call. You blew my mind. I am going to take it all in, I am sure I will not get much sleep, but with good reason!” Cynthia

Virtual Assistant, USA

See you on the other side!!!


Donna xx