Virtual Assistants & Health and Wellness Practitioners – you are wonderful people.
You like to help & nurture people (regardless of whether its nurturing their business or nurturing their health) and you do a great job.
But often you don’t value yourself. You are great at what you do, but sometimes you’re not the best business owners.
Lets be realistic – most VAs and Practitioners (that’s YOU) are wonderful at what you do. The support you offer is amazing and your clients are LUCKY to have you in their life.
But when you have to try and figure out the marketing, selling and every other facet of running a business you sometimes forget how fun it is to help clients.
This is where I come in play.
I want you to have fun helping your peeps AND I want you to be able to do it from home as much as possible! For home is where the heart is.
Home is fun, comfortable and relaxing!
Sure you’re not going to leave the house sometimes (no one said you would be house bound forever) but my job is to make sure your business is as virtual as possible and that you’re making the money you deserve!
Are you ready for the ride?
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