If you have been paying attention at all in the Virtual Assistant industry, then you will know that the current pricing discussions for services are around packages.

Where clients are paying you a set fee per week or per month for a set of tasks.


No time logging, no tracking hours – just delivering high quality work.


It’s popular because it enables you to:

Make More Money

Work Less Hours

Get Rewarded for Working Faster

Have More Consistent Cash Flow


All Virtual Assistants should move into packages eventually – its the more commercially savvy way to run your VA Practice.



However there is not only a fine art to designing a package for a client. 

We must also consider:

The Price?
How to Sell It?
How To Promote It?

So you can get clients signed up!

This is where I come in.

Hi, I’m Donna Brown! I’ve been packaging up services in my own VA business for years now AND have been training highly motivated virtual assistants on packages through my mentoring program the 100KVA.

BUT I realised something – sometimes all you need is something simple.

The Map

The Blueprint

The Guide

So then you can implement it yourself!

Which is why I came up with these pre-designed Virtual Assistant Packages!

How does it work?

Each month I will email you a whole new virtual assistant package + sales funnel of information so you can add your own flavour and then implement straight away!

Your monthly investment into your business includes:

An overview of the sales funnel that the VA Package fits into


An example unbranded freebie for you to base yours off (or add your branding to).


Example social posts that you can tweak to generate interest in your business.


Details of how to convert the sales conversation


A summary of the possible inclusions you can have in your package.


Tweak as you see fit and create something that suits your business and skills to deliver.


Revenue breakdown – so you can see the possible income potential!


PLUS A training video going through everything.


PLUS A BONUS Facebook Group!

Nothing beats that boosting feeling like comradarie so as a subscriber you can also join out 100KVA communal buttkicking Facebook group and get access to our monthly Q&A where I answer all questions about growing a profitable Virtual Assistant Business.

Now you might be thinking “what kind of packages will I get and will they apply to my business?”

Good Question!

These packages will work for MOST VA business. You can use them as is or tweak them to suit your skills and client base.

Here are some examples of our packs!

Regular webinars to boost client authority = gives you an hourly rate of $275

– Helping clients build abundant memberships and communities = gives you an hourly rate of $125

Leveraging market or promo days in Facebook groups on a consistent basis = gives you an hourly rate of $149

Book launch and campaigning for funnel filling = gives you an hourly rate of $272

Remember ALL of these packages generate a consistent income so you can work towards your own financial freedom

They’re not set in stone – cut them up and piece two together or mix it up however it works for you!

Here’s what this awesome VA has to say about the packs!


I’ve had tremendous success with the 100KVA Profitable Package packs. Since launching them into my business, the income from the packages alone make up approximately 20% of my overall operating income and take me 4 hours per month to deliver.

Karina Follent

Pro-Assist Virtual Administration Services

Even though the idea is simple, it’s hard to think up ways to package content together in a way that makes a sales funnel flow. Donna’s pre designed packages assist in making sales funnels easy for all, including those who hate selling!

Anne Parnell

The Office Maven

So if you want the simplicity and ease of how to make some boring common services look amazing and integrate packages the right way into your business sign up below!



Cancel at any time and get the first pack in your inbox today.




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